Elopements used to be all about running away in secret with your other half. Things have changed a little and modern elopements are switching things up in the wedding industry. My definition of elopements to my couples is simply ‘going wherever you want, with whoever you want and doing whatever you want.’ Its an easier way to have a stress free, full of fun day. Most often couples find somewhere awesome in nature for a ceremony, get ready at an epic airbnb, bring a couple of family members/friends/dogs/a celebrant along and then do some sick experiences such as going on a boat trip, road trip to cool places, helicopter ride, have some beautiful foods, bonfire and dance round all evening, rock climb. Basically just do whatever sums you guys up and really does bring you the best day ever!



You lose traditions

You can still first dance in the middle of nature or even in the sea, you can have the floral arch of dreams and you can cut your cake and eat it. You keep what you want to keep. Also tradition shmadition am I right.


You can’t bring anyone along

Bring your best friends, bring your parents, bring your dog (no seriously please bring your dog) or of course just the two of you, it is up to you!


Its basically just a couple of hours taking photos.

Although there will be photos the day is all about you and your loved ones, I like to take half an hour here and there for some epic shots but its so important to make a day of it! Get ready together listening to your favourite songs, hire a chef for the most lux meal you’ve ever had, hire a boat, campervan round and explore. Basically just have the best day ever!

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